About The Popular Dominations Game

About The Popular Dominations Game

top-left-imageDominations is one of the best games you can play on your mobile phone if you are into that genre of course. This game will take you through the ages; you will learn a lot about history while also having fun building your own civilization however you please.

If after you read this post you find yourself wanting to play it, but you don’t have a powerful enough mobile device, you can always download an app on your PC which will act as a simulator.

So, more about the game itself. As we’ve already mentioned before, the game takes you through the ages. It’s historically accurate, and the first age you will encounter is the dawn of time.

The dawn of time acts mostly as an introduction, and it helps you with the commands, how things work and so on. After that, you will reach the Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age and so on until you come to a final age of the game – The Global Age.

All the ages have historically accurate features, and if you never liked learning history through books, this might change your whole point of view. As you travel through the ages, you will have to advance your civilization so that it has a good economy, but also a strong military aspect.

The military aspect is the part of the game which becomes quite competitive. If you want to reach the final age, you don’t really have to fight with anyone; you can simply follow your own pace and play the game by exploring your options and advancing your civilization. But if you want to focus on military, you can compete with other players for glory. Besides knowing that you are better than most people playing this game, you can also gain a lot by waging war.

second-left-side-imageWhen you attack another nation, you can loot their resources and use them to build your own nation faster. The resources are quite hard to obtain if you don’t want to fight, but they are obtainable. You will have a gold mine in your village and also some fruit trees. These will yield gold and food (two primary resources).

You will also be able to hunt animals for either gold or food and once a day a stag will spawn which will drop several crowns. These crowns are a premium resource in the game and they can either replace food or gold or they can cut the time needed for something to be built to zero. Crowns are very useful, but they are very limited. The only reliable way to get crowns is to buy them with money, or so the developers think.

We’ve found a way to bypass their security and get the crowns for free. Having a purchasable content in the game makes a huge difference between players. If we have to suffer injustice on a daily basis in our lives, we don’t have to suffer them in the game.

So, if you decide to play this game and find yourself stuck, search online for a Dominations hack no survey review and get as many free crowns as you please.

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Hot RPG’s coming up very soon

Hot RPG’s coming up very soon

1st-imageLook out; there are fantastic role-playing games (RPG) coming your way! This summer, like always, the momentum is building up for the winter and the Christmas madness that is usually the best time of the year for us gamers.

We review the best titles you should expect to come out over that period. Enjoy.

Korean RPG’s have always presented a separate realm of games, clearly distinguishing themselves from anything else built in the world. That does not mean that the rest of the world is not enjoying their games.

Just the opposite! This unusual title is something that is stirring the attention of fans worldwide offering a great universe and lore to get lost in. Just imagine a cross between the Witcher and The Neverending Nights and you can start to guess how fun this game is going to be.

A shroud of mystery is surrounding this one since very little is known about the actual game. The thing we are aware for sure is that the vampire lovers from around the globe are going to get their hands full with this one since the core premises of this indie marvel to be are looking great.

You will be playing as a vampire yourself choosing the path of violence or peaceful coexistence while you solve the case of the corrupt vampire society. Sounds like a lot of fun!

Presenting a rather interesting twist on the standard class system we see in the RPGs, Albion brings us the joy of the classless system! Be whatever you wish to be, training and choosing your skills and then changing them in the game.

3rd-imageThe game also features options that are seldom seen in this world: a chance to throw away the swords and axes and don a farmer’s clothes or become a merchant. Does that sound fun? If not, you still have a massive open world to explore, and a ton of fun is waiting for anyone who wishes to try this amazing looking game.

If you loved Dark Souls, then you are more than likely to enjoy this game, too. It’s not as weird as the DS, to be fair, but it might be more fun once you get to play it!

CapCom brings this PS4 title full of dungeons and monsters waiting for you or up to 3 other players in the coop mode where you can join hands to bring down the foul beasts. Deep Down’s biggest pluses must be the brooding vibe that will sink deep into your bones and hold while you play and the fantastic fight system keeps you on your toes.

With the game industry running like a well-oiled machine that it is, it’s hard to capture all the titles we will see this year, so we hope you like the ones we selected. If not, make sure to read our other posts where we will review, recommend and talk about more games and game related stuff.

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OPFive changes in World of Warcraft-Legion

OPFive changes in World of Warcraft-Legion

1st post imageIf you are a fan of the Warcraft series, then you most definitely want to play World of Warcraft and know about the new expansion that Blizzard announced.

Legion, which is the name of the upcoming expansion, will be released on August 30th by Blizzard.

Blizzard is famous for many games, but this one is their biggest. So if you haven’t seen the changes Blizzard prepared for you in this game we created a list that shows you everything you need to know about World of Warcraft-Legion.

Artifact Weapons.
Apparently, there is a new thing in WoW and everybody is talking about it. The ability to unlock unique weapons called the artifact weapons is now available. Once you arrive at Broken Isles, you will be granted with a new quest to unlock and prove worthy to acquire the artifact weapon.

Once you get it you can modify its appearance & color but also change and unlock abilities that it has. The progression tree of such a weapon is similar to the regular character progression tree and special experience points that you gain by slaying foes with it, can be spent on unlocking magic abilities and to buff the damage that it has.

Every class has a unique artifact weapon, and you can also unlock different types within the class weapon’s regular changes to the appearance. This creates a variety of choices, and we assure you that you won’t find two artifact weapons the same in World of Warcraft-Legion.

A change in PvP system.
In previous installations of the game, PvP system enabled players to use their experience, gained by slaying other players, on buying sets of armor and equipment in general. So high ranked players that focus on killing their fellow players always had the best armor and equipment.

All that has changed and now instead of buying equipment, you can buy abilities with experience gained in PvP sessions. This gives an equal chance for players that are new to the system and eliminates ranked players by their abilities instead of by their equipment.

2nd post imageNew World Quest.
As soon as you login, you are assigned with optional quests to purge dungeons or beat special world bosses. Completing these various quests will give you special points that will unlock unique equipment and items.

You can only get them with coins gained from these quests so don’t bother trying to find ways to circumvent around this system. If you want to become stronger and better equipped you simply must go through and complete quests like cleaning caves and slaying high-level bosses with your friends.

And this is really what this game is all about. It’s about enjoying the gameplay set in your favorite universe-World of Warcraft.

With excitement, we anticipate the upcoming expansion of this widely known game title that still manages to impress and surprise prayers from all around the world. If you haven’t done so, buy the game and help us expand WoW universe.

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Legion Is Calling

Legion Is Calling

If you are unaware of the existence of the game World of Warcraft, you probably think – what the hell is that title? The same may be applied to people who heard about the game but never really cared about it. So, let’s elaborate.

Legion is the latest expansion in the game called World of Warcraft. The game was created by Blizzard Corporation which, besides World of Warcraft has many other games, but this one is their crown jewel.

It was a number one game many times in the past, but its popularity dropped dramatically in the past couple of years.

2917791-1World of Warcraft is an MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game), and it takes place in a vast world inhabited by many different races. These races bonded and created two different fractions which are mostly at war but sometimes work together towards a greater goal. The said fractions are Alliance and Horde.

From the games point of view, there are no evil races amongst Alliance or Horde even though you might think, after a first glance, that horde is the evil one.

Inside the game, you can play as one of thirteen different races and eleven different classes. Each class has their distinct abilities and roles in the game, and each race has different racial abilities. There are three main roles, and these are – tank, DPS, and healer. In order for a group to function properly it has to have all three roles.

Without going further into the specifics of the game, which you will easily find out if you decide to give it a go, here is the reason for this title.



World of Warcraft is an amazing game, but due to lack of new players its slowly dying out. Blizzard is doing everything they can to make the game as good as possible and they are advertising it like crazy, but only you can save them by playing the game.

You can even try it out for free and if you like it, by all means, stay.

Blizzard Corporation recently made a movie called ”Warcraft: The beginning” which you can see in any movie theater across the world.

It’s an amazing movie and even if you don’t know anything about the lore or the game itself, you will still enjoy it because they made it in a way to appeal to everyone. Not just the people who already played it.

With a purchased ticket for the movie you also get an account which you can activate and play World of Warcraft with all its expansions and a month of game time.

These expansions are all bought separately, and each is active for about year and a half, but as of the last couple of months, Blizzard has been giving them for free, just to get the numbers up. So give it a go, watch the movie, try out the game for free and if you like it, join us all in the next expansion – Legion, which will definitely be a huge hit among all gamers.

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